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ParcelTrack keeps you up to date on the status of your shipment, delivery forecasts and who accepted a parcel in your absense. You decide on how close you want to follow the progress your shipment makes on it's way.

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Wherever you are

Whether you are at home with your tablet, in the car with your mobile or at the desk in your office, ParcelTrack is available on all your devices. The synchronization of all your devices keeps all you orders in one clean place.

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For all your shipments

Regardless of the delivery service that ships your package, ParcelTrack provides a single beautiful interface to keep track of your shipments. Spare yourself the hassle of visiting various tracking sites and getting lost in technical details of their tracking systems.

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In real time

Follow your package in real-time with the finger on the map, as ParcelTrack makes use of the GPS-location of the delivery van. This is the closest you can get to your shipments in delivery. Never miss your package again.

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Track deliveries from 60+ couriers
with many unique features

One App to track all your orders


Have you ever been waiting for an exciting new item that you ordered online and kept scanning the street for the delivery van? ParcelTrack is the perfect tool for everyone who is excited about the delivery van: It shows you it's GPS-location on a map, in real-time. Currently this feature is supported by DPD in Europe. As delivery services aim at increasing the quality of their service, a growing number of carriers will become part of ParcelTrack’s LiveTracking.

Delivery forecasts

Stayed at home last saturday for the whole day awaiting an important shipment? ParcelTrack informs you about delivery forecasts provided by the carriers and allows you to plan your day as you wish and be home right for the delivery of your shipment. Currently DHL, UPS and FedEx among others provide delivery forecasts.


Shipment Inbox

Tracking shipments from online shops has never been easier. Simply forward delivery emails from places like Amazon to your personal ParcelTrack Inbox. The ParcelTrack server conveniently adds the order to your ParcelTrack account and keeps you up to date on the progress of your delivery. We keep training the inbox to understand the formats of an increasing number of shops and conveniently add the order's title and sender to your account.


Use ParcelTrack on your mobile device and keep tracking your parcels at home on your tablet or at work on your Mac. With ParcelTrack-Sync you can easily synchronize ParcelTrack between on all of your devices and across the platforms. So far ParcelTrack is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices - a web app and a Mac app are underway.

Tracking shipments has never been easier

ParcelTrack's beautiful features make tracking so convenient

Shipment Inbox

Add new orders by forwarding delivery notifications from online shops like Amazon to your ParcelTrack Inbox.


Track your delivery van in real-time with the finger on the map.

Delivery forecasts

Know when your delivery is scheduled.


Use ParcelTrack on your phone and keep tracking your orders at home on your tablet.


Keep all delivered orders in one place in ParcelTrack archive.


Automatic carrier detection

Enter a tracking number and ParcelTrack automatically detects the delivery service.

Share your package

Share outbound shipments with your customers or incoming orders with family and colleagues.

Locate your order

Locate every delivery event on a map.

Barcode scanner

Shipping your own packages? Simply scan the barcode of your shipment.

Configure your notifications

Organize your push notifications to according to your preferences.

Available on all your devices

Track your shipments wherever you are

iPhone, iPad, Android now - Mac and Web soon - API for partners

ParcelTrack is more than just a single app, it is a complete solution for keeping track of your orders on all your devices. Be notified on an estimated delivery time on your phone in the subway, add a new shipment by forwarding an email to your ParcelTrack inbox at your desk, organize your orders at home on your iPad and share a shipment with your roomie's Android device.


60+ Delivery Services Worldwide

with a steadily increasing number of supported services


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